Smart Anti-theft Alarm Door Home

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Secure your home with the revolutionary "Smart Anti-theft Alarm Door Home". Designed to merge security and simplicity, this ingenious device serves as both a door stop alarm and an anti-intrusion alarm, offering unmatched protection for your home or while on the go.


- Dual Functionality: Acts as both a door stop alarm and a door stopper thanks to its versatile design.
- Extremely Loud Alarm: With a 120 dB sound, capable of waking up occupants, notifying neighbors, and scaring off intruders.
- Adjustable Sensitivity: Three sensitivity levels (Low, Medium, High) for customization to your specific needs.
- Easy Installation: No wiring necessary, battery-operated (requires 1x9V battery, not included), ready to use in seconds.
- Portability: Lightweight and compact, it's ideal for travel, ensuring your safety wherever you go.

Features and Specifications:

- Dual-Function Design: Serves as both an alarm and a door stop.
- 120 dB Alarm: Extremely high volume categorized as "Unbearable Noise".
- 3 Sensitivity Levels: Adjustable for optimized detection.
- Wireless Installation: Requires a 9V battery (not included).
- Exceptional Portability: Weighs only 95 grams (without battery), easy to carry.
- Optimal Dimensions: Compatible with a door gap of 10mm to 35mm.

How to Use:
1. Insert a 9V battery (not included).
2. Select the desired sensitivity level.
3. Activate the device by switching it to "on".
4. Place the door stop under the door you wish to secure.
5. The alarm will trigger upon contact or when vibrations are detected, depending on the sensitivity setting.


- Q: Does the device work on all types of floors?
- A: It is designed to be effective on various floors, but it may not slide on very smooth surfaces at high sensitivity.

- Q: Do I need to use specific batteries?
- A: A standard 9V battery is required and easily replaceable.

- Q: Is this device suitable for travel?
- A: Absolutely, its light weight and ease of transport make it ideal for securing your accommodations while traveling.

Product List:

- Smart Anti-theft Alarm Door Home (battery not included)
- User Manual

Opt for the "Smart Anti-theft Alarm Door Home" and enjoy peace of mind, whether you're at home or on the move. Its ease of use combined with its security performance makes it an indispensable choice for anyone looking to enhance the security of their home.