RVsTrailer Wireless Backup & Hitch Camera

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Enhance your RV or trailer experience with the RVsTrailer Wireless Backup & Hitch Camera. This cutting-edge device offers unparalleled convenience and safety, providing clear, day or night vision for effortless reversing and hitching. With easy installation, wireless connectivity, and superior night vision capabilities, this camera is designed to meet the demands of any outdoor adventure.


  • Effortless Reversing & Hitching: Achieve clear visibility day or night, ensuring precision maneuvering.
  • Easy Installation: No tools required, simplifying setup for immediate use.
  • Superior Night Vision: Experience clear vision even in low-light conditions for enhanced safety.
  • Wireless Convenience: Enjoy freedom from tangled wires, making installation and operation hassle-free.
  • All-Weather Tough: Built to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring durability and reliability in any environment.
  • Wide-Angle Lens: Navigate tight spaces effortlessly with a wide viewing angle.
  • High-Quality Clarity: Crystal-clear images provide detailed monitoring for peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • WiFi Monitoring: Stay connected via the dedicated app for real-time monitoring from anywhere.
  • APP Control: Seamlessly control camera settings and functions through the intuitive mobile application.
  • Remote Monitoring: Access live footage remotely for continuous surveillance and peace of mind.
  • Meeting Records: Capture important moments and events with the camera's recording capabilities.

Machine Size: 261565mm
Color Box Size: 1359040mm
Weight: 130g
Clarity: 1920×1080P
Support System: iOS/Android
Storage: MicroSD (TF)
Connection Method: Point-to-point direct connection/WiFi connection
Interface Type: MicroUSB
Charging Method: DC-5V
Video Format: AVI/MP4

How to Use It:

  1. Download and install the dedicated app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Power on the camera and ensure it is connected to a WiFi network or directly to your device.
  3. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the camera with your device.
  4. Adjust camera settings and preferences as desired through the app.
  5. Mount the camera in your desired location, ensuring a clear view of the area to be monitored.
  6. Use the app to access live footage, control camera functions, and review recorded content as needed.

Q: Can this camera withstand harsh weather conditions?
A: Yes, the RVsTrailer Wireless Backup & Hitch Camera is designed to be all-weather tough, ensuring durability in various outdoor environments.

Q: Is installation complicated?
A: No, installation is incredibly easy and requires no tools. Simply follow the provided instructions for a hassle-free setup.

Q: How is footage stored?
A: Footage is stored on a MicroSD (TF) card, providing convenient access to recorded content.

Q: Can I monitor multiple cameras simultaneously?
A: Yes, the app allows for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple cameras for comprehensive surveillance.

Product List and Note:
1 set of security camera

Note: The product may undergo occasional upgrades, leading to changes in appearance and color. Please consider this before placing your order if specific color or appearance preferences are important to you.