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The Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Swan - your versatile solution for a clean and organized kitchen! This innovative drain basket features a swan-shaped hook design, allowing for easy installation directly under the faucet. With its multiple functions and unique design, it's suitable for all kinds of sinks and offers exceptional convenience for everyday use.

Effortless Installation: No need for complicated installation procedures - simply hang the drain basket directly under the faucet for instant use.
Versatile Functionality: This drain basket serves multiple purposes, from filtering leftovers to draining fruits and acting as a sponge brush rack, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.
Safety and Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, the Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Swan ensures safety and durability, giving you peace of mind while using it in your kitchen.

Unique Swan Design: The swan-shaped hook design maximizes corner space utilization and adds a touch of charm to your kitchen decor.
Quick Drainage: With its lively and cute appearance and quick discharge pores, this drain basket prevents clogging and keeps your sink clean and tidy.
Stable and Secure: The triangular structure and long hook ensure stability and prevent sagging or loosening, making it suitable for most sink types.
Multi-Functional: From filtering residues to washing fruits, this drain basket offers a wide range of uses, keeping your sink countertop clean and organized.

Material: Safe and durable material
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How to Use It:
Hang the Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Swan directly under the faucet, ensuring the swan-shaped hook is securely attached.
Use the drain basket to filter leftovers, wash fruits, or store sponge brushes as needed.
Enjoy a clean and organized sink countertop with the convenience of this multi-functional drain basket.

Q: Can the Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Swan fit all sink types?
A: Yes, the long hook and triangular structure ensure compatibility with most sink types, providing stability and security.
Q: Is the material of the drain basket safe for food contact?
A: Absolutely, the drain basket is made from high-quality, safe materials, ensuring it's suitable for use with food items.

Product List:
1 x Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Swan
Enhance your kitchen organization and cleanliness with the Kitchen Sink Drain Basket Swan, the perfect blend of functionality, style, and convenience for your sink drainage needs.