Hidden Camera Detector ( Military Grade with built-in RF and GPS Tracking detection)


Excellent Anti Spy Camera Detector:

  • This detector features innovative design and upgraded chips, VHF/UHF transmitters, and infrared scanning technology, allowing you to more accurately locate the signal source. It can accurately detect: GSM/3G/4G bugs, GSM/3G/4G GPS trackers, wireless signal sources and strong magnetic field signals, wireless pinhole cameras, cable cameras, electrical radiation sources, etc. It can effectively protect personal privacy data and information confidentiality.


Excellent detection technology:

  • It has two sound modes, mute and vibration. This wireless device detector is more convenient for users to calm down in emergency situations and quickly monitor the environment. This device can detect internet signals (GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, Wi Fi 2.4G, and 5.8G) as well as any device that sends signals with a receiving frequency range of 1MHz to 6.5 GHz.


6-speed adjustable sensitivity:

  • 6-speed adjustable threshold for wide range frequency detection. Effectively detect areas within a range of 5 centimeters to 10 meters. (Improve sensitivity, expand detection range, reduce sensitivity, shorten detection range, and identify radio wave sources faster and more accurately).


Portable and easy to operate:

  • The anti spy detector weighs about 20g grams, and you can put this insect detector in your bag or pocket anytime and anywhere. Although this product has many functions, the usage method is very simple, and can only be switched between various functions through the "mode button" and "sensitivity adjustment button". Even beginners can quickly grasp the usage method.


24/7 customer service:

  • Hidden camera detectors not only protect your privacy, but also protect the privacy of your loved ones and those around you. In this information age, it is a surprising design for insect detectors that achieves privacy protection through such simple actions. 


Product Parameters:

  • Product volume: 2.2cm * 14.3CM * 1.5CM.
  • Product weight: 20g.
  • Charging interface: USB.
  • Working hours: 24 hours.
  • Signal gear: 6th adjustable.
  • Signal detection range: 5cm-10m.
  • Optical lenses: special and specialized filters.
  • Product material: PC.