Youth Tonic 15 Day Colon Cleanser Detox For Waste Loss To Feel Lighter Or Break The Plateau Natural Cleanse Pills For Belly Bloat For Men & Women 30 Caps

  • [ 15 DAY COLON CLEANSE ]: Extra strength supplement with herbal top quality natural ingredients for lack of energy, bloating and feeling tight and uncomfortable in our clothes, weight gain or inability to break the plateau | CAREFULLY READ the CAUTIONS on the PRODUCTS LABEL
  • [ STIMULANT gentle action ]: 6 g equivalent aloe vera senna leaf & cascara sagrada herbs known for their laxative effects
  • [ When to use ]: For body cleansing | For stomach, intestines, colon, digestive system cleanse | For bloating, for breaking the plateau and energy metabolism
  • [ How to use ]: Take 1-2 pills per day at bedtime according to your needs | Increasing the dosage from 1 to 2 capsules too soon may lead to discomfort for some individuals | Increase the water intake while using this supplement and be advised that factors as diet , lack of physical activity, use of laxatives may lea
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