Mini Electric Portable Travel Shaver for Men

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The new mini portable electric shaver makes it fast and easy to eliminate any type of hair, giving you a smooth finish anytime, anywhere.


Compact and portable design, ideal for travel and business trips. Equipped with stainless steel rotating blades for precise and efficient shaving. Versatile use: suitable for both men's shaving and women's hair removal on different body parts. Works in wet and dry modes for convenient use in all situations. Fast USB charging with battery display for uninterrupted use.


Product Name: Mini Electric Portable Travel Shaver For Men 

Cutter Head: Rotary Six-leaf Cutter Head

Waterproof: Cutter Head can be Washed with Water,

IPX7 Material: ABS + Plating

Voltage: 5V 1A

Gear Position: Single Gear

Charging Method: Type-C Charging

Power: 3W Product

Size: 745122mm

Weight: about 78g

Battery Type: Polymer 602030 / 400mAh

Endurance: One Charge can be Used for One Month and Continuous Discharge for Minutes

How to use:

Make sure the shaver is charged. Press the power button to turn on the shaver. Apply a thin layer of shaving gel or foam to the area to be shaved. Use circular motions to gently shave the hair. After use, clean the cutter head under running water.


  • Is the shaver suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, the stainless steel rotating blade design offers a gentle and comfortable shave even on sensitive skin.

  • Can it be used to shave long beards?

Yes, the rotating blades are effective for shaving even thick and long beards.

  • Is the shaver suitable for air travel?

Yes, its compact size and USB charging function make it an ideal travel companion.

Product list:

1 x Mini Electric Travel Portable Shaver For Men 1 x Type-C Charging Cable 1 x User Manual